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What Luxury Really Means In 2023

Daniel Langer, CEO of the brand strategy firm Équité, offers a guide to the new codes of luxury — and why no one can afford to ignore cultural empathy.

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How Living Well Is A Valuable Asset

From luxury senior communities for Baby Boomers to Gen Z’s demand for sustainable, planet-enriching properties, wellness real estate is a growing trend in generational lifestyle capitalism. Lynn Villadolid, founder and CEO of Lifestyle Capital Partners, explains more.

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The New Rules Of Travel Behaviour

Uwern Jong and Martin Perry of OutThere magazine share the results of their annual luxury travel insights report: essential reading to understand affluent travellers’ thinking for the year ahead.

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Artificial Intelligence: The New Reality?

AI is set to transform life as we know it, including luxury travel. Fox Communications put the technology to the test by writing this article using artificial intelligence. We haven’t made any changes to the final version – and the results are impressively human.

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Checking in with… Ben Goldsmith

The Chief Executive Officer of Menhaden, conservationist and environmentalist reveals the ways we can be better travellers, how he helped save the Iberian lynx – and why he’s afraid of flying.

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