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The Good and Bad of Ozempic

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Plastic Surgeon Mr Karidis Sheds Light on the Mixed Impact of Ozempic-Induced Weight Loss

London, 13 June 2024 – In an insightful analysis, renowned plastic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis of London Luxury Clinic Karidis delves into the complexities of rapid weight loss induced by Ozempic, highlighting itslong-termeffects on skin health and facial aesthetics.

Ozempic, often compared to the effects of bariatric surgery, triggers swift weight reduction that can significantly challenge the body’s ability to adapt, leading to loose, sagging skin, especially in older individuals. Mr Karidis notes, “many of my patients in their 60s have achieved their weight loss goals with Ozempic, yet they face a new challenge: excessive loose skin on their face and body. In essence, solving one problem often introduces another.”

Unlike gradual weight loss programs that allow skin and tissues to adjust over time, Ozempic’s rapid effects can result in a profound shock to the tissues, with limited opportunity for collagen fibres to realign. This often exacerbates age-related changes such as loss of skin elasticity and facial volume, which are not easily corrected by standard anti-aging strategies like maintaining stable weight and muscle strength.

A particularly significant impact of Ozempic is the loss of facial fullness. “Many patients resort to dermal fillers to restore volume, but the amount required after dramatic weight loss could alter their appearance beyond recognition, leaving them dissatisfied,” explains Mr Karidis. For some, surgical interventions like facelifts offer a solution by removing loose skin and repositioning or augmenting fat. However, Mr Karidis advocates a balanced approach, combining surgical and non-surgical treatments to achieve the best outcomes. “A facelift can address some issues, but it doesn’t eliminate every imperfection. Non-surgical treatments can enhance the surgical results further,” he adds.

“The emotional impact of significant and rapid weight loss is profound. Patients frequently express concerns about their altered facial appearance, which is continuously visible and impactful, unlike body changes that can be concealed. This often leads to a disconnection between their improved physical health and their psychological self-perception, introducing complex emotional and identity challenges.”

As Ozempic continues to be a popular solution for weight loss, it becomes crucial for potential users to understand both its advantages but also the cosmetic and psychological implications. Discussions with healthcare providers about expectations and possible outcomes are essential, as is considering a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses both the desired weight loss and the management of its physical manifestations. This balanced approach not only helps in achieving physical health goals but also supports the overall well-being of the individual, aligning their external changes with their inner sense of self.

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Leading cosmetic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis and his team of skilled clinicians are experts in the field of surgical and non-surgical procedures. From surgical procedures such as facelifts, male chest, breast and rhinoplasty to laser, micro-needling and aesthetic injectables, the team at Karidis offer the best possible services and advice for personal enhancements – set in a hospital that prides itself on exceptional care

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Published 11th June 2024

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