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Above and Beyond

From audacious expeditions to suborbital joyrides in space, Globetrender editor Jenny Southan names five luxury travel trends set to shine in 2022.

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What’s Cooking?

Which pandemic food trends are here to stay and what’s fresh on the culinary scene? British restaurant journalist Ben McCormack shares a taste of what to expect in 2022.

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Let’s Get Digital

The digital world has taken a giant leap forward in 2021, with words like ‘NFT’ and ‘metaverse’ being used almost daily. Digital expert, Sarah Keeble, Marketing Director of Verb Brands outlines some key digital trends to look out for in 2022.

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The Swish List

Neon, nature and Nineties nostalgia: Lysanne Currie reports on the changing world of luxury, revealing five key trends to watch as the year turns.

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Well, Well, Wellness

The desire to be and feel healthy has never been stronger. From shaman-led sharing circles to hyper-personalised programmes based on your DNA, here’s what’s shaping the luxury wellness scene in 2022, says Mark Smith, aka The Spa Man.

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Trends of the Earth

Sustainability has moved way beyond phasing out plastic straws. Francisca Kellett, the travel journalist and founder of Mundi & Co, looks at five key movements shaking up the travel industry right now.

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