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Fox Quarterly Winter 2021

Checking in With… Lady Amelia Windsor

The environmentalist, charity campaigner and model shares some of her thoughts and feelings about travel.

What was the first holiday that made an impact on you? 

I was lucky enough to visit Jordan with my family when I was little. I will never forget the friendliness of the Jordanians and having dinner under the stars in the desert. It was magic.

What do you look for in a destination when choosing where to go?

I adore the sea. If I were to pick my dream holiday, it would have to be by the coast. But I also love exploring cities – not necessarily going to the tourist destinations but just walking around and seeing the people who live there and the day-to-day life unfolding before your eyes.

What makes a hotel truly great in your eyes?

The staff. It is a huge treat to get to know the team and learn from them about the history of the hotel and the surrounding area.

What are your pet peeves when it comes to a hotel?

When the walls are too thin and you can hear too much when you’re trying to sleep.

How easy do you find it to switch off when travelling? Do you have any go-to processes to calm the mind?

I love to read and go for long walks without my phone.

Where are you off to next? Is there a dream destination that you’ve yet to visit?

Not sure yet! I’d love to visit Brazil – it’s been top of my list forever.

What’s your top travel tip?

Always appreciate and respect everything that you see and the local people you meet.

Who would your ideal travel companion be?

My sister [Lady Marina Windsor].

Winter 2021

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