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Checking in with… India Hicks

The humanitarian and interior designer tells Fox Quarterly why she wants to make a difference, the secret to...

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Summer 2022

The Perfect Partner

Whether it’s hotels linking arms with sportswear or fashion houses teaming up with video games, luxury B2B collaborations are having a very big moment. But what’s the thinking behind the connections? Lysanne Currie explains

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Stepping Into The Metaverse

Katherine Templar-Lewis, Creative Scientist and Co-Founder of Kinda Studios, offers a guide to a new era of digital connection and how brands can make the most of the limitless possibilities presented by a mixed reality future.

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Checking In With… Matthew Williamson

The interior, homeware and fashion designer reflects on the hotels and destinations that have inspired him, the importance of great service and the places that are still on his bucket list

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The Chemistry of Connection

Victoria Archbold, partner at international members club Adoreum, explains the positive and impactful value to be gained from harnessing the power of network communities

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The Gift Of Giving

The ultra-high-net worth community is more involved in philanthropy than ever before. Understanding why they give – and which charities they give to – can unlock connections with the exclusive group

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Personal Shopping

Simon Mitchell and Torquil McIntosh, of Sybarite architectural studio in London, reveal how a post-pandemic reboot of the retail experience will stress personal connection above all else

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Spring 2022

What Matters Most: Inside the UHNWI Mindset

Everyone now knows what UHNWI stands for – but what do the UHNWIs themselves stand for? Winston Chesterfield, founder of strategic consulting firm Barton, reveals the characteristics of the world’s most exclusive groups of consumers – and how you can tailor your offering to their unique tastes

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The Changing Face of Luxury

Luxury is no longer purely a matter of quality: today’s brands must also be a seamless fit for customers’ aspirations. Matteo Atti, Vista Global Group EVP of Marketing, explains more…

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Virtual Virtuosos

NFTs are the biggest thing to happen in the art world since Damien Hirst pickled a shark in formaldehyde. Fox Quarterly caught up with Nima Sagharchi of Bonhams to find out why digital masterpieces are art’s new reality.

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Checking In With… Geoffrey Kent

The globetrotting founder of Abercrombie & Kent reveals how he first caught the travel bug, the destinations still on his hit list – and the essential item he would never leave home without.

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A Bespoke Approach

Individuality and authenticity are the watchwords for anyone advising UNHWIs on property solutions, says Colin Kingsmill of Lifestyle Capital Partners.

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