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Fox Quarterly Autumn 2022

Checking In With… Roxie Nafousi

Self-development coach, podcaster and writer Roxie Nafousi, the author of Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, reveals how to harness a sense of purpose while travelling, the dream destinations she has yet to visit and why going on holiday is vital for mental health

What does the word purpose mean to you?

For me, it is your reason why. Your reason why you do what you do and the driving force behind your choices and actions. It’s linked to what makes you feel you make a difference on this earth and it gives your life meaning.

Would you say purpose and manifestation are connected?

Definitely! Knowing and connecting to your purpose will help you first to understand what will fulfil you in life, then it will drive your decisions enabling you to align your behaviour with your goals, and finally it will help set your intention, which is integral to manifesting. Remember that ultimately manifesting is about using the power of your mind to change and create the reality you experience!

What’s next on the agenda for you?

I’m so looking forward to the release of my second book, Manifest: Dive Deeper on 5 January, which is filled with new ideas, perspectives and exploratory exercises. Before that, on 18 October, I’m launching my new book in the US and Canada – I can’t wait to see how they receive it.

What are the three main reasons you travel?

Relaxation is number one. For me, there is no greater opportunity to truly unwind, reset and recharge then when you are on holiday. It is integral to my overall quality of life, to be able to take a break from the everyday and just slow down. Creating memories is also very important. There is something beautiful about the memories you create on holiday, and the memories you share with loved ones that you travel with. And I love experiencing new places, new cultures, new cuisines and meeting new people. It helps me to learn and expand as an individual.

What was the first travel experience that made an impact on you?

It’s hard to remember which was the first, but I would honestly say every single travel experience has impacted me in some way. Travel does something special, it teaches you something and gives you an opportunity to reflect, process, learn and expand But if I had to single out one travel experience that really made an impact on me, it would be the first time I took my son Wolfe to Dubai to meet my parents. I remember the first time I saw his little toes on the sandy beach and feeling like, ‘everything that happened got me to this point, I’m exactly where I need to be.’

What are your top travelling hacks?

I’m sure many people will disagree, but don’t get drunk – I think hangovers are such a waste of a holiday! For me, there is nothing better than waking up fresh on holiday, and going home re-energised. Also, find a hike – it’s such an amazing way to explore a new place. 

What advice do you have for people who want to give back when travelling?

Go to local places, buy local produce, avoid chain restaurants, leave tips, be kind to people, share the local places you like on social media and leave positive reviews for them online.

Are there any places still on your bucket list?

I would love to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, and also to go on safari to see the wonderful and powerful animals in their natural habitat – I feel like it would be both humbling and incredible.

Dead or alive, who would your dream travel companion be?

Louis Theroux, because he would have the best stories and be a constant source of entertainment. I find him so funny in that totally effortless way.

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