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Casamigos x Nobu Hotel Marbella

Fox Communications partnered with celebrity-favourite tequila brand, Casamigos to orchestrate a luxury, high-profile event at Nobu Hotel Marbella.

Through a luxury brand partnership between Nobu Hotel Marbella and Casamigos, Fox Communications worked closely with the in-house teams to orchestrate a high-profile event to establish the hotel’s reputation as a celebrity hotspot and elevate the overall perception of Marbella as a destination.

Generating a long-lasting buzz amongst ‘affluencers’, influential journalists, tastemakers and HNWs, the event is being spoken about to this day. We developed a connection with a successful alcohol brand, including both celebrity and royal connections, and engaged with a number of European territories through one carefully programmed event to demonstrate the Nobu Hotel Marbella and Casamigos core values.

The coverage generated from the event delivered a PR value of £1,606,839 (across press and social media).



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