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Casamigos x Nobu Hotel Marbella

Brief: Come up with an influencer activation to generate buzz around Nobu Hotel Marbella, a year and a half after its launch

Fox Communications partnered with celebrity-favourite tequila brand, Casamigos to orchestrate a luxury, high-profile event at Nobu Hotel Marbella.

In order to create excitement around Nobu Hotel Marbella following its launch a year and a half prior, Fox Communications partnered with celebrity-owned tequila brand Casamigos to host a 4-day event at the property with high profile social representatives and ‘affluencers’

The objective was to showcase the very best of what Nobu Hotel Marbella has to offer, whilst positioning the destination as a celebrity hotspot away from the preconception associated with the destination. Fox Communications worked closely with the Casamigos and Diageo teams to secure an attendance of more than 60 influencer and affluencers, including Jack Brooksbank, Donna Air, Missy Beqiri and Betty Bachz.

Generating a long-lasting buzz amongst the ‘affluencers’, influential journalists, tastemakers and HNWs, the event is being spoken about to this day and we – along with the resort – have developed a connection with a successful alcohol brand.

The coverage generated from the event delivered a PR value of £1,606,839 (across press and social media)



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