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Good Vibrations

Innovation in wellness is pushing the boundaries in the luxury travel industry. Mark Smith examines upcoming wellness trends

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The Direction of Travel

Juliet Kinsman shares stories of sustainability from luxury travel — here are six trends most impressing the journalist, podcaster and consultant

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Travel Into The Future

From tuning in to switching off, Rick Jordan reveals the travel trends that will shape the world over the next 12 months and beyond

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Food For Thought

From gourmet fast food to at-table entertainment, Ben McCormack takes a bite out of the tastiest food and drink trends for 2024

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The Shape Of Things To Come

Alex Pell shines a light on the hottest luxury tech trends for 2024, from smart ring payments to Pokémon-style scavenger hunts

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Checking in with… Gwendal Poullennec

As he prepares to launch the Michelin Key rating for hotels, Gwendal Poullennec reveals what luxury brands can learn from Michelin – and what he himself looks for from a hotel

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