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Checking In With… Elizabeth Hurley

You must travel incessantly, what makes a hotel great for you? If I’m on vacation, a calm atmosphere...

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Autumn 2022

Does Your Company Need a Chief Purpose Officer?

Purpose is embedded and integrated within an organisation and impacts both internal and external communities. Nandita Potini, co-founder of data engineering and cloud modernisation firm Egen Solutions, explains why a CPO is increasingly essential

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Future Perfect / Past Masters

Steven Kainth, founder of creative research studio, Elluminate Me, helps luxury and technology brands anticipate the future. Here he explains how digital innovations can ensure our legacy as responsible ancestors.

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The Purpose of Art

Art can deliver effective messages in a way that no other medium can communicate. Karina Abramova offers a guide to how brands can collaborate with artists to write themselves into the purpose narrative.

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Checking In With… Roxie Nafousi

Self-development coach, podcaster and writer Roxie Nafousi, the author of Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, reveals how to harness a sense of purpose while travelling, the dream destinations she has yet to visit and why going on holiday is vital for mental health

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Summer 2022

The Perfect Partner

Whether it’s hotels linking arms with sportswear or fashion houses teaming up with video games, luxury B2B collaborations are having a very big moment. But what’s the thinking behind the connections? Lysanne Currie explains

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Stepping Into The Metaverse

Katherine Templar-Lewis, Creative Scientist and Co-Founder of Kinda Studios, offers a guide to a new era of digital connection and how brands can make the most of the limitless possibilities presented by a mixed reality future.

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Checking In With… Matthew Williamson

The interior, homeware and fashion designer reflects on the hotels and destinations that have inspired him, the importance of great service and the places that are still on his bucket list

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The Chemistry of Connection

Victoria Archbold, partner at international members club Adoreum, explains the positive and impactful value to be gained from harnessing the power of network communities

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The Gift Of Giving

The ultra-high-net worth community is more involved in philanthropy than ever before. Understanding why they give – and which charities they give to – can unlock connections with the exclusive group

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Personal Shopping

Simon Mitchell and Torquil McIntosh, of Sybarite architectural studio in London, reveal how a post-pandemic reboot of the retail experience will stress personal connection above all else

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