#MeetTheTeam – this week we shine a spotlight on @callummcla 
1. Name & Title: Callum McLellan-Attfield, Account Manager 
2. How long have you been at Fox PR? Almost 4 years. 
3. Bucket List Destination: Joint between Philippines and Iceland. Really like the wild, remote element of each destination, mixed with the spectacular scenery and wildlife. 
4. What’s your favourite things about working at Fox PR? The team without a doubt. The travel perks are pretty brilliant too, but working in such a friendly environment makes the rest of the job (which can be manic) a lot easier. 
5. One thing that can always be found on your desk? What can’t be found on my desk! I operate in what I call a “creative space”…otherwise, probably a stack of magazines and a cup of coffee I’m probably nursing. 
6. What is your piece of advice for someone looking to get into PR? 
Get out there, try different areas and don’t be put off by your first experience/job in PR. Whether in-house or agency, consumer or corporate, travel, finance, political, technology etc…it is such a vast industry with so many options, that most don’t find where they end up in the first job.

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