#MeetTheTeam🦊 – this week we shine a spotlight on Kelly 
Name, Title: Kelly Payne,Office Manager.
How long have you been at Fox? Almost 4 years in the office, but worked for Lysbeth for 9
Bucket List Destination: Japan, I am fascinated by the fusion of cultures, ancient traditions, the natural landscapes and the fast moving technology of modern life of such a diverse country.
What’s your favourite thing about working at Fox? I absolutely adore the team! I relish in observing both their individual, personal journeys as well as watching them all gel, support and encourage each other when working together tirelessly and effortlessly to acheive truly great things.
One thing that can always be found on your desk: Pens, a stapler, a string of paperclips and a very sorryful looking plant!! A piece of advice to someone looking to get into PR:Always channel into your creative side, think outside the box and stay calm under pressure! Work hard and keep smiling! X

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