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Fox Quarterly Winter 2016

Savvy Spa Fans are Getting Serious

Due to the stresses of modern life, well-heeled travellers now expect a state-of-the-art spa as standard at their chosen destination. In addition to such offerings as thermal and hydrotherapy circuits, holistic therapies and hammams, savvy spa and wellness clients demand high-end beauty treatments, local products, knowledgeable therapists, osteopathy, extensive healthy menu options, and Kinesiology testing, as part and parcel of their stay. In line with demand, luxury spas are ever evolving…

Skin Clinics

With 8 out of 10 adults thought to suffer with back pain at some point in their lives, not to mention the onset of conditions such as arthritis in later life, many spas are now offering osteopathy and acupuncture clinics to travellers, with aftercare advice for better ‘osteo-ageing’.


Kinesiologists are now commonplace in the majority of top-end wellness centres and gyms. Involving muscle testing as well as investigative health and injury questionnaires, kinesiology testing helps practitioners to advise on positive lifestyle changes and stress management, as well as designing safer exercise regimes for the client.

Dine Around Wellness

Health conscious clients don’t always want to be banished to the ‘spatisserie’ to dine. From Macrobiotic to Ayurvedic, sugar free to gluten free – clients expect healthy options in all signature restaurants, as well as room service menus and personal mini bars.

Age Friendly Design

With an increasingly ageing population around the globe, spas have taken note and are working hard to create environments designed to be welcoming to a broader target. Signposting and a cleverly chosen colour palate (for light and contrast) can help the elderly navigate and enjoy these peaceful environments with less stress and distress.

Meditation Spaces

With the rise of meditation apps and the desire to grasp a precious 10 minutes of clarity and composure, meditation spaces are becoming more and more popular within spas. Luxury spas still lead the way but the margin is getting narrower and spa aficionados can expect to see these spaces popping up in mainstream venues before too long.

Photo courtesy of Thanyapura, Phuket


Healthy living is a commonplace desire these days. So, the knowledge that your genes could be affected by how you treat your body is noteworthy information. In fact, scientists have found that our genes alter in response to how we care for ourselves. With an emphasis on prevention rather than cure, spas are changing their whole strategy to tailor to clients wanting to ‘maintain’, rather than simply ‘treat’. You’ll find that in the near future ‘test and prescribe’ modalities will be at the heart of many spas and epigenetics will reveal how a range of modalities can impact on your DNA.

Kids’ Wellness

The childhood obesity epidemic is prevalent in our western world. Spas will soon play their part in teaching, as well as conducting treatments and putting plans in place to combat the weight issues experienced by today’s young people. Expect fitness retreats and nutritional programmes to help kids harness the power of self-care.

Own Brand Spa Products

In line with demand, expect to see more spas utilising local ingredients and creating their own brand products. Coconut based lotions are already a popular choice for a lot of Asian spas. Therapists should be clued up on natural anti-ageing ingredients such as rose oil, or sleep enhancing oils such as lavender and clary sage, to ensure that they can answer any questions and inform clients of the benefits of the treatment.

Spa Planes

In a world of endless appointments and meetings, the only time most of us get to switch off is on the plane. Top-end airlines have seized this opportunity, with some first class cabins offering spa showers, treatments and wellness menus. Look out for massaging flat beds, anti-deep vein thrombosis yoga classes and more mile-high pampering!

Lisa Stokes: Since launching the luxury spa, beauty and wellness website,, founder Lisa Stokes and her team have travelled the globe visiting over 300 top spa and wellness resorts, testing everything from alkaline cleansing at The Mayr Clinic and Ayurvedic retreats in The Himalayas, to state-of-the-art aesthetics at Clinic La Prairie and Thai massages at Banyan Tree. An authority in the elite world of spas and wellbeing, Lisa is a regular luxury spa and beauty contributor to many high-profile publications and is beauty columnist for Virgin Atlantic Retail Therapy.

Winter 2016

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