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Fox Quarterly Summer 2016

Deciphering the SEO Mystery: Boost your business via social media

We are all starting to understand the digital world engulfing us, those words that used to be a foreign language to many of us, are now said over lunch and coffee with a relaxed acceptance that to succeed in business, you must understand.

As with any industry, fundamental mistakes exist hindering the ability of a company’s growth. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) implemented correctly drives traffic and increases awareness of a brand amongst a specific tailored audience. Implemented incorrectly and inaccurately, companies see limited success with an enormous bill.

A big mistake made with typical SEO strategies is not creating an SEO plan to support and address your content capability. Content capability is determined by these key points:

  • Brand awareness
  • The amount of content generated
  • Quality of technical SEO techniques
  • Frequency of fresh content
  • Social media exposure
  • Inbound links

Beyond these key points, understanding your position within the market is paramount for managing a realistic strategy to maximise your content capability.

To demystify the digital strategy, take a large company, such as Coca Cola, and quantify it using a cup. They have an enormous cup, they score well on all the key points above, and their content is targeted and simple. This is the ideal scenario for Coco Cola, and any other company in their position. Look at it this way, if you have a half pint cup and your direct competitor has a one pint cup, you simply can’t hold as much volume as them. Pouring a pint’s worth of SEO into a half pint cup, will only lead to overflow and wasted efforts and resources, thus lowering the return on your spend.

The key to successful SEO is not to oversupply your capabilities, but grow the size of your cup – or content capability – to become equal or bigger than your competitors. Implementing a successful strategy takes research and analysis. Reviewing your area of expertise in relation to your competitors and search in general, allows Fox PR to help define a strategy to help you increase the size of your cup by:

  • Build new sections of the website targeting new or existing search terms
  • Deliver external link building that’s natural and SEO friendly
  • Consult on social media approaches to give visitors the best user experience
  • Expand the websites content with regular news & promotions
  • Increase the brand awareness so you’re seen as a competitor in your target market

Going forward, the importance of understanding your market in this digital sphere, finding your niche rather than following the trends of larger companies, and knowing your ‘cup’ size, will expand your cup’s dimensions.

It’s important to understand that your website is one piece of the puzzle and requires all aspects of your marketing to be pulling in the same direction. If you’re not contributing to creating new content, news or social media posts it will cause SEO to reach a limit of effectiveness. If you wish to compete in search results with a competitor, it’s important to have better content, links and more recognized branding; quantity over quality.

Any SEO strategy should be based on delivering goals, whether they’re three, six or twelve months. Working with your digital marketing company to define your goals is important. The more we understand about your goals, the better your returns. Fox PR can gauge these aspects of your business and help you reach those goals to compete at the level your company is driving towards.

Summer 2016

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