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COMO Hotels and Resorts

With an enviable portfolio of properties spanning destinations such as Bhutan, Indonesia, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom, Fox Communications has been tasked with raising awareness around the COMO Hotels and Resorts brand, and its esteemed wellness concept, COMO Shambhala.

COMO Hotels and Resorts is committed to creating extraordinary experiences through personalised service, a dedication to holistic wellness and award-winning cuisine. Distinctly designed, each hotel draws inspiration from its compelling locality while reflecting the brand’s core ethos – authenticity, passionate service, creativity and style.

Dedicated to personal transformation, self-discovery and inspiring people to live fuller lives, COMO strives to make a meaningful difference by embracing original thinking and doing things differently. From rafting the Ayung River in Bali and castaway picnics in the Maldives, to walking the Taktsang ‘Tiger’s Nest’ monastery 3,000 meters above the valley in Bhutan, travellers are provided with unique experiences that are individual to each distinct destination. Community is at COMO’s heart, and guests are connected with locals through a series of talks, workshops and events.

Building upon the brand’s vision to enhance wellbeing is COMO Shambhala; the wellness concept at the core of each COMO property. Combining modern science with ancient healing, COMO Shambhala drives for real results through expert therapists, unique spa rituals, COMO Shambhala products, yoga centres and its signature, energy-driving cuisine. COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali is COMO’s esteemed flagship wellness destination, offering an integrated and immersive wellbeing experience, with programmes designed around cleansing, exercise and Ayurvedic principles.

Cuisine is a key element of the COMO experience, and each COMO hotel houses its own signature eateries. The award-winning kitchens and chefs serve a variety of refined cuisines, ranging from local to international, prepared using organic and locally sourced ingredients. COMO Shambhala cuisine champions a curated mix of raw and cooked ingredients, with very specific nutritional purposes. Living enzymes are retained in the unique preparation techniques perfected over a 10-year period by COMO’s Group Executive Chef, meaning dishes boost concentration and energy, balance blood-sugar levels and cleanse the body from the outside in.

Invested in local communities, COMO Hotels and Resorts operates sustainably; celebrating local cultures, supporting the domestic economy and minimising overall impact on the environment with considered consumption and native sourcing. Whilst each destination faces its own challenges, the basis for COMO’s efforts remains – a firm belief in delivering distinct, memorable experiences for guests while operating sustainably. As well as the local communities, COMO cares for its team, or ambassadors, through bespoke mentorship and wellbeing programmes, regardless of role; from internal exchange programmes to career mentoring and life coaching.


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