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New Beach Club: Bombon by Alberta Ferretti

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Alberta Ferretti and Hotel de Mar Unveil a Stylish New Summer Destination in Mallorca

London, 6 June 2024 – Alberta Ferretti and Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts have collaborated to personalise the new cult destination for the summer season in Mallorca: The Bombon Pool club at Hotel De Mar, a Leading Hotels of the world and a long-standing favourite of the Mallorcan high society, royalty, and international jet set. Bombon Pool Club by Alberta Ferretti is a love letter to all the Mediterranean summer lovers, born from a serendipitous meeting between fashion designer Alberta Ferretti and Gabriel Escarrer, CEO of Meliá Hotels International. 

Italian Sophisticated Luxury meets Balearic Hospitality Excellence 

Playful sophisticated luxury lies at the heart of this creative partnership, seamlessly blending Italian craftsmanship with the magnetic charm of the Balearic Islands. The name “Bombón” honors “El Chocolate,” the affectionate nickname given to Hotel de Mar by locals, inviting guests to indulge in a unique experience of relaxation and refinement by the pool, at the restaurant, or on the hotel’s exclusive private beach. Alberta Ferretti has united with Gran Meliá in the creation of Mallorca’s first fashion- driven Pool Club at Hotel de Mar, ushering in a new era. For the occasion, Alberta Ferretti’s iconic tie- dye prints adorn the pool area in the blue shades, while the beach and pool bar feature designs in beige tones. 

“The Balearic Islands hold a special place in my heart, especially during summertime, with their captivating atmosphere and the warmth of their people. My deep sensibility for timeless aesthetic designs found resonance in this collaboration. I feel a profound personal connection to this project, as it allows me to merge my creative vision with the serene ambiance of Mallorca. With this collaboration, I wanted to bring my idea of sophisticated luxury as well as, together with Gran Meliá, we aim to curate an atmosphere where our two worlds could naturally intertwine, making the hospitality experience even more exclusive” comments Alberta Ferretti.

A Year of Festivities: The 60th Anniversary of an Architectural Gem 

As 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of Gran Meliá Hotel de Mar, this collaboration also seamlessly serves as a celebration of one of the most iconic destinations on the Balearic Islands. Built in 1964, the renowned hotel located on the seafront in Illetas, Hotel de Mar is set within beautiful gardens and an exclusive sandy cove. Constructed by the Catalan architect José Antonio Coderch, the signature resort is easily recognised for its modern architecture. Today, Hotel de Mar stands as a beacon of Majorcan high society, having hosted the summer holidays of royal families, renowned artists, and members of the aristocracy. 

In celebration of this significant milestone, Gran Meliá will launch its first high-end coffee table anniversary book, “Hotel de Mar 1964-2024: 60 años del hotel Chocolate.” A limited edition piece, this collector’s item pays homage to the architectural prowess of Coderch, whose design resembles the shape of a sumptuous chocolate bar. Bound in a vermilion cloth cover and presented in a table book format, its 120 pages feature two types of paper, symbolizing the past and present of the hotel. The book comprises 9 chapters, chronicling the history of Hotel de Mar, “El hotel Chocolate” from Coderch’s architectural vision to the present day. 

Exquisite Outdoor Designs and Curated Experiences 

Gran Meliá evokes the essence of Spanish culture: hedonistic pleasures, connection to the surrounding nature, and understated elegance in every detail. The pool club area is meticulously curated with an exclusive outdoor design for the pool club restaurant. The prints carefully designed by Alberta Ferretti, seamlessly intertwine timeless elegance with a sophisticated aesthetic, reflecting the shared values of both the Italian Fashion House and Gran Meliá. The customisation of the outdoor furnishings includes poolside loungers and the private beach, complete with umbrellas and sunbeds. The poolside restaurant offers a culinary journey inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean. Its curated gastronomy features refined recipes crafted from local ingredients such as fresh vegetables, caviar, scallops, wild rice, lobsters, Black Angus beef, and Iberian ham. These dishes pay homage to Iberian and Balearic cuisine. For a more curated experience, guests at the poolside restaurant will find the brand-new “Alby Cocktail” on the menu, a beverage with minty notes personally crafted by Mrs. Ferretti. This collaboration celebrates the art of slow living, inviting guests to indulge in moments of tranquillity and refined leisure. 

Executing a collaboration with a fashion force marks a significant milestone for MHI, reflecting our ambition to increasingly appeal to discerning travellers and guests from creative industries who constantly seek bespoke experiences and novelty: “Hotel de Mar shines brightly within our global portfolio, distinguished by its iconic style where bold architecture harmoniously melds with the gentle beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. Hotel de Mar transcends the classical notion of a luxury hotel to assert itself as a true architectural masterpiece. Our collaboration with Alberta Ferretti celebrates the essence of quiet luxury that both our brands embody in their own iconic ways. At Gran Meliá, hospitality lies at the heart of everything we do, and we recognized in Mrs. Ferretti a shared dedication to the Art of craft. For us, Hotel de Mar is more than just a place to stay; it embodies timeless elegance and refined indulgence. Through this partnership, our aim is to offer our guests a new elevated experience that celebrates both the iconicity of Mrs. Ferretti’s creative vision and architecture of Hotel de Mar“, Gabriel Escarrer, Founder CEO of Meliá Hotels International.

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Published 11th June 2024

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