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OnePlate Launches “Brunch in London” Cookbook

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Celebrate London’s Brunch Culture Whilst Making a Difference

OnePlate is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest initiative, the “Brunch in London” cookbook – launching May 14th. This exclusive collection features over 100 recipes from the capital’s most beloved brunch spots and includes outstanding contributions from celebrated chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver, and Angela Hartnett among others. Yet, this cookbook is more than a compilation of culinary delights—it embodies a commitment to nurturing sustainable food security for children across the Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Recipes from the cookbook include:

  • Pancakes with Strawberries by The Savoy 

  • Açai Bowl by Farm Girl 

  • Kejriwal by Dishoom 

  • Potato Cake by Brat 

  • Vanilla Brioche by Claridge’s 

  • Ricotta Hotcakes by Granger&Co 

  • Eggs, Chilli and Cheese by Dusty Knuckle 

  • Maple Glazed Banana Pancakes by Sam’s Kitchen
  • Berries & Brioche French Toast by Peggy Porschen

Following the remarkable success of “Brunch in Melbourne,” a bestseller that significantly contributed to funding food security projects, “Brunch in London” marks the next chapter in OnePlate’s journey. The London cookbook is expected to build on this success, spreading the message of hope and nourishment further.

The beautifully crafted cookbook is a culinary journey through the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities, showcasing the diversity and creativity of its brunch scene. From cosy cafés to renowned restaurants, the book features contributions from top chefs across the capital, offering readers the chance to recreate the flavours of London’s most indulgent meal at home.

“Brunch in London” represents more than a celebration of the city’s vibrant food culture. It embodies a commitment to positive change, with 100% of the profits from the book dedicated to funding OnePlate’s sustainable food projects. These initiatives focus on empowering communities in Africa and Asia through agricultural education, community gardens, farms, and access to clean, nutritious food, breaking the cycle of hunger and offering children the chance to grow, dream, and reach their full potential.

The story of OnePlate began with a profound moment of realisation for founder Thérèse Nichols during a visit to Manila in 2015. Witnessing the harsh realities faced by children living on the streets sparked a mission to leverage the global passion for food to make a tangible difference in the lives of children in need. Since its inception, OnePlate has grown into a global charity, partnering with cafés, restaurants, and food enthusiasts to fund projects that nourish and nurture.

Available from May 14th at an RRP of £35, “Brunch in London” can be purchased through the OnePlate website. Every copy is an investment in hope, nourishing the future of children in need around the world. Join us at the table where every meal makes a difference. Order your copy here.

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About OnePlate

OnePlate is an Australian-born charity partnering with the food industry and food lovers to fund sustainable food projects in developing countries. Founded on the belief in the power of food to bring about positive change, OnePlate aims to empower communities to achieve food security and break the cycle of hunger. Through innovative partnerships and initiatives like the “Brunch in London” cookbook, OnePlate is nourishing futures, one plate at a time.


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Published 15th May 2024

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