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Channelling and Amplifying Grassroots Environmental Philanthropy 

Luxury Travel Lifestyle PR

Amidst a global call for sustainable solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss, Conservation Collective emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of environmental philanthropy.   A multi-faceted, global network of locally focused grassroots foundations, raising funds to protect and restore nature, Conservation Collective has rapidly established itself as an influential hub for global conservation, funding impactful projects and empowering local communities .

Founded by Ben Goldsmith in 2020, Conservation Collective was established to open new channels of philanthropic funding to boost and amplify the impact of local environmental initiatives. Over the past three years, the Collective has grown from nine to 20 foundations, supporting each one by either incubating or setting them up.  Regions in which Conservation Collective foundations currently operate include the UK, Croatia, Spain and the Balearics, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Italy, The Caribbean, Kenya and Pakistan.

The foundations that make up Conservation Collective are anchored in local communities, which truly understand the needs of their places and are therefore best placed to deliver impactful solutions and make a tangible difference to the planet. 

Empowering Advocates for Change

One of Conservation Collective’s defining strengths, is that it enables and amplifies local advocacy for conservation initiatives through funding. The organisation acts as a catalyst for change by facilitating partnerships between local governments, grassroots organisations, visitors and residents. By providing local organisations with a sturdy platform, it encourages and amplifies the voices of those who are striving to protect their natural surroundings, by helping them to grow their presence and make an impact. Whether it is advocating for stricter regulations to curb pollution or mobilising community efforts to reforest urban areas, funding from Conservation Collective helps empower individuals to drive systemic change at their local level.

Channelling Efficiency and Effectiveness 

Channelling resources directly to localised initiatives is the most efficient way of tackling some of the most pressing global issues we face today. Conservation Collective directs funding to locally focussed grassroot organisations, for targeted projects which are run by passionate individuals working tirelessly to protect the areas they love and places they are proud to call home. Conservation Collective shares knowledge and promotes the transfer of best practice throughout its network. By connecting those working on similar topics across the world we can share lessons learnt and successful solutions to common problems.

Catalysing Action through Innovative Projects

Conservation Collective stands out for its hands-on approach to environmental action. The Collective understands that translating knowledge into tangible impact requires concrete projects that address pressing conservation challenges. From restoring delicate ecosystems to implementing waste reduction initiatives, Conservation Collective rolls up its sleeves to make a real difference, as hands-on and proactive supporters of grassroots organisations. Through strategic partnerships with local businesses, volunteers, and organisations, the Collective supports a range of projects that leave a lasting imprint on landscapes and communities alike. By demonstrating the power of collaborative action, Conservation Collective inspires a sense of agency and hope in the fight against ecological degradation.

Uniting Communities for a Greener Tomorrow

Conservation Collective’s remarkable journey is a testament to the transformative power of collaborative action. Through its tireless efforts, Conservation Collective not only nurtures a deep sense of responsibility for the planet but also underscores the pivotal role that stakeholders and local communities play in steering the course of our ecological future. As the Collective continues to flourish and expand its reach, it reinforces the idea that individual actions, when united, have the potential to create ripples of change that resonate across generations.


About Conservation Collective

Ben Goldsmith founded Conservation Collective in 2020 to open new channels of philanthropic funding to boost and amplify the impact of local environmental initiatives. 

Environmental philanthropy faces two key challenges: persuading people to direct money to the biggest issue of our time and getting that money to the most effective environmental initiatives. 

Conservation Collective has a proven and winning formula for both. 

We build clubs of donors linked to places they care passionately about, to open new channels of funding for nature restoration. We have seen that people are instinctively ‘place-based’, and that when it comes to conservation and philanthropy, we are all more likely to want to protect the places we know and love. 

We set up, incubate, and support local environmental foundations. All over the world, people are working tirelessly to protect the places they love from the impacts of climate change and the biodiversity crisis. Those most affected by environmental problems are often best placed to tackle them, and grassroots action is our most powerful weapon. 

Our member foundations unlock new funding for the best and most effective grassroots projects dedicated to preserving, protecting, and regenerating biodiverse ecosystems on land and below water and to slowing down and adapting to climate change. We’re encouraging more and more effective environmental philanthropy. Our growing network of foundations has already raised millions of pounds for impactful initiatives, and we’re only just getting started…

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Luxury Travel Lifestyle PR

Luxury Travel Lifestyle PR

Published 22nd September 2023

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