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Kids’ Wellbeing Programme at Velaa Private Island

The Maldives

woman painting with child with tropical island

While parents enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities at Velaa Private Island’s new Wellbeing Village this summer, young guests are invited to embark on a wellness journey of their own through a collection of experiences designed to promote mindfulness, wellbeing and an active lifestyle.

Making use of the extraordinary natural environment, kids can venture on a forest bathing adventure to immerse in the island’s diverse flora and fauna, practice their culinary skills with healthy cooking classes and enjoy a meditative afternoon of storytelling where Maldivian folk tales are accompanied by local music. The emotional benefits of sport can also be discovered through an array of activities from wall climbing to football and volleyball.

The programme also includes gardening, crafting with recycled materials and a food discovery activity encouraging kids to use their senses of touch, smell and taste to identify different food types. Venturing below the surface, there is also an opportunity to plant new coral and swim amongst the diverse local marine life.

The activities are designed to complement experiences available for parents at the island’s new Wellbeing Village, providing a holistic approach to wellness through a programme of Ayurveda, osteopathy and medical treatments, plus wellbeing cuisine and mindful meditation.

Meaning ‘ancient’ in the local language, Eveylaa Wellbeing is the island’s new treatment facility combining the traditional healing of Ayurveda and Eastern medicine with osteopathy treatments, a European style steam room, modern treatment beds and a floatation pod. A resident Ayurvedic doctor and team of international Osteopaths represent the full spectrum of ancient holistic wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Village also features a new health-focused restaurant, Faiy, where guests can enjoy two different types of cuisine.  The Fresh menu represents plant-based and raw food with distinctly Asian flavours, while the Spa menu focuses on low carb, vegan, gluten-free and Mediterranean-style dishes, all crafted using the finest ingredients that remain as close to their natural states as possible.

Completing the Wellbeing Village, a brand-new Yoga Pavilion and Pilates Studio offers private and group classes alongside a programme of visiting wellness practitioners.

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Published 14th June 2023

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