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Caesars Palace Dubai Launches Summer Kids Camps

Discover Science, Robotics, Magic and Art on the Arabian Gulf

Caesars Palace Dubai, the luxury beachfront resort on the city’s vibrant Bluewaters Island, is launching a series of Kids Camps to entertain young guests this summer. Designed for children aged three and over, the resort has partnered with experts in science, robotics, coding and even the art of magic to offer a fun and educational experience across three days every week.

Science Camp 

4,6 & 8 July and 1, 3 & 5 August

Explore the wonders of science through captivating experiments, making candy-coloured potions, erupting volcanos and lava lamps. Physics and engineering activities include building bridges and constructing LED paper circuits, while Earth and space exploration includes touching clouds – rare to even catch sight of in Dubai.

Robotics Camp 

11, 13 & 15 July and 8, 10 & 12 August

An early entry into the world of coding, kids will get the chance to create their own functional robot, from initial design to bringing their new friend to life. Spend day one getting to grips with coding, before learning to 3D print and eventually bring the robot to life on the final day.

Magic Camp

18,20 & 22 July and 15,17 & 19 August

Got what it takes to be the next Houdini? Led by Paul the Magician, the Magic Camp begins with an introduction to the essentials of magic, before delving into coin and card tricks and optical illusions. Including a masterclass on the art of creating a magical moment, kids will leave ready to put on their own show for family and friends back home.

Creativity Camp 

25, 27 & 29 July and 22, 24, & 26 August

This well-rounded creative workshop empowers children to express themselves through music, art and dance. The first day will be spent at the Dance Academy, learning various styles of movement, before a jewellery workshop on day two where kids can craft their own sparkling accessories. Day three is spent at the DJ Academy, learning to mix popular hits and party favourites.


Published 15th June 2023

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