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Lose Yourself in Art this Summer at Aiyanna Ibiza

This summer, Aiyanna Ibiza presents an extraordinary artistic journey, as it hosts a series of eight captivating art exhibitions intricately linked to the soul of Ibiza. Through their inspiration, creative process, and evocative emotion, these exhibitions inject a fresh dimension of authenticity and allure into the vibrant atmosphere of Aiyanna. Spanning photography, design, abstract paintings, and more, each exhibition offers a unique experience while echoing the beautiful undertones that define Ibiza.

Located on the untouched northern side of the island, Aiyanna Ibiza stands as one of the trendiest restaurants, enchanting visitors with its mesmerizing sunsets, idyllic beaches, and a genuine insight into the heart of Ibizan life. Nestled in Calo Nova Bay, this discreet restaurant embraces an unassuming modern rustic vibe, adorned with tasteful splashes of colour that harmonize beautifully with the natural surroundings of northern Ibiza.

As part of the Arte en Aiyanna series, each art exhibition unveils a distinct artistic vision, engaging visitors on a visual and emotional voyage through Ibiza’s artistic landscape. 

Aga Baranska 

26th– 29th June 

Aga Baranska’s paintings perfectly match Aiyanna’s vibrant atmosphere. Bold and colourful, her spirited artwork reflects the animated beauty of Ibiza. Previously exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and London, Aga is a globally known artist, whose style compliments the Island’s bold spirit. 


10th– 13th July 

Aguascopio represents a remarkable fusion of drone photography, swimming, and costume design. Conceived by the collective minds of Tasya Menaker, Liz Kueneke & ellebannA, this collection plays with viewers’ perception of scale, instilling a sense of awe toward our natural landscape and reminding us of our humble place within it.

Ivonne Carolina 

24th-27th July 

Ivonne Carolina’s exhibition, ‘Eat more Art,’ is a truly unique experience. Immersed in the sights, smells, and rhythms of Aiyanna and Cala Nova Bay, Ivonne captures her sensory overload by using natural pigments derived from cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, and paprika. The resulting textures and effects in her paintings are impossible to replicate with traditional acrylics.

David Milne-Watson 

7th-10th August

David Milne- Watson is an abstract painter famous for his unusual technique. For his materials, David uses soil and carbon, and for tools – his hands and building equipment. His manner of constructing art, conveys the relationship between humans and the environment. Fitting, with Aiyanna’s sustainable focus, David’s artwork resembles our planet’s fragility. 

Alexandra Castelli 

21st-24th August 

The paintings of Alexandra Castelli, intimately represents the human body, in contact with sunlight and water. Depicting elegant strokes through the water, as well as the bodies reflections on its surface, Castelli’s work evokes the type of calm, typical tranquillity of Ibizan shores. 

Karen Hain

4th-7th September 

Karen Hain’s artistic process revolves around the unpredictable transformation of her chosen medium. Through various experimental techniques utilizing sand as her primary material, Karen deftly manipulates the grains without predetermined direction, ceasing only when she achieves a visually compelling image. Drawing inspiration from the natural landscape that envelops Aiyanna, her artwork serves as an authentic reflection of the serene Northern Ibiza surroundings.

Mena Diaz 

18th -21st September 

Mena Diaz’s artwork exudes the essence of Ibiza’s breathtaking landscape. Inspired by the island’s inherent simplicity, from its gentle contours and architectural elements to its rustic countryside, shimmering waters, vibrant hues, and the women who contribute to its allure, Mena’s artistic creations capture the captivating beauty of Ibiza’s understated elegance.


About Aiyanna 

Situated as one of the few beachfront restaurants in the northern region of the island, Aiyanna Ibiza offers an inviting ambiance that warmly welcomes all guests. Showcasing a contemporary approach to healthy cuisine, the menu is abundant with bold flavors, organic ingredients, and innovative sharing plates. Diners can delight in fresh seafood, zesty salads, and seasonal greens sourced directly from Aiyanna’s own gardens. More than just a dining experience, Aiyanna provides a genuine immersion into the island’s culture, offering guests valuable insights into all that Ibiza has to offer.

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Published 16th June 2023

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