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The Quest for Next Level Stimulation with Virtuoso

Global Travel Network Reveals HNW Travellers are Seeking Authenticity and Adventure in 2023

A recent survey by global travel network Virtuoso®* found 34% of HNWIs are seeking unique adventures this year, with storytelling cited as a significant component. This points to an increased appetite for more authentic and bespoke experiences that allow travellers to connect with the world on a deeper level. Value is increasingly placed on capacity to see the world through different perspectives; providing sensory notes and memories of truly transformative trips rather than simply photographs to bring home. The survey also suggests there’s a higher demand for an adrenaline-inducing escapes; 16% of HNW travellers are opting for expedition-style travel, wanting to embark on adventures that push beyond the typical comforts.

With these findings in mind, Virtuoso® invites thrill-seekers to climb to new heights, hit the open sea, and reconnect with nature. Drawing upon its preferred relationships with more than 2,300 of the world’s best tour companies, cruise lines and premier destinations, clients have privileged access to rare and unique experiences. Courtesy of Virtuoso partner and world leader in luxury expeditions, Ponant, travellers may venture to one of the world’s most inaccessible points, the Weddell Sea. Hop aboard the world’s first electric hybrid polar exploration ship, Le Commandant Charcot and cruise from Santiago to the Weddell Sea Region, with the chance to observe emperor penguins, leopard seals and killer whales. The voyage includes stops in Ushaia, named one of the most fascinating places on earth, and a crossing through Drake Passage past gigantic tabular icebergs and majestic birds. Adrenaline-seekers can also partake in kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing or a daring polar plunge for the ultimate adrenalin rush.

For those who prefer tropical climates, Virtuoso partner Aqua Expeditions offers a luxury river cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam aboard Aqua Mekong. As the luxury ship charts a luxurious passage across Southeast Asia’s longest river, guests are invited to discover rich traditions distilled from 2,000 years of human heritage — from the Khmer empire to present-day Theravada Buddhism – all from the comfort of a 205-foot floating retreat. Those aboard the ship can ‘slide’ into floating villages and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves where they have the chance to meet with locals and get an authentic taste of everyday life. For the ultimate adventure offshore, the Mekong’s fleet of private skiffs bring guests on highly personalised day trips led by expert local guides to landmarks, temples, and villages overflowing with tradition, spirituality and craftsmanship. 

Travellers who prefer to venture by foot can find Peak exploration in the mountains of Peru. Embark on a five-day immersive journey with adventure tour company and Virtuoso partner, G Adventures Inc to cross the Inca Trail, one of the country’s most revered yet challenging treks to complete. The small group tour takes guests from colonial Cuzco to the jaw-dropping site of Machu Picchu, passing Inca ruins, the famous Lost City and the Sacred Valley. Admire stunning mountain vistas, like Warmiwañusca, better known as Dead Woman’s Pass, and rambling rivers along the way. An experienced team of guides, cooks, and porters ensure hikers can focus on the path ahead undisturbed, and cultural pit-stops are peppered throughout the itinerary. For instance, guests can discover ancient traditions at the G Adventures-supported women’s weaving co-op and learn the secrets behind centuries-old techniques. 

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*Data from Virtuoso’s 2022 Brand and Travel Trends Research conducted jointly with YouGov 

Published 11th April 2023

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