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Introducing EnVogue Travel

A Brand-New Bespoke Luxury Tour Operator Specialising in Haute-Living & Experiential Wonder

We are excited to announce the launch of EnVogue Travel, the bespoke luxury tour operator bridging the gap between extreme adventures and the ultimate in luxury travel. Founded by female entrepreneur and adventure travel expert, Emma Higgins, EnVogue Travel’s mission is to connect HNW and UHNW individuals with the most exceptional and transformative experiences the planet has to offer. From providing a gateway to the world’s most elusive destinations, to offering a completely fresh perspective on the much-loved corners of the world. 

Through leveraging a handpicked network of premium brands, EnVogue Travel’s esteemed team curate fully personalised, unique itineraries, tailored to suit even the most discerning travellers’ requirements. With EnVogue Travel every detail is underpinned by elegance, exclusivity, and style. 

EnVogue Travel Experiences:

Each EnVogue Travel experience is tailored to suit the needs of the client, showcasing the best in luxury hospitality, from boutique, family run hotels that prioritise intimacy and exclusivity, to incredible experiences unique to that corner of the world; whether rally driving across the Gobi Desert or boarding a traditional Dahabiya boat to sail along the ancient River Nile.

Examples of recent EnVogue Travel trips include: 

  • Retracing the legendary caravan routes of the Silk Road on a 15-day road trip, covering 1,500 miles through Turkey and Georgia, with numerous pitstops along the way, from the bustling city of Istanbul to the Kaçkar Mountains and on to Georgia’s ancient capital and UNESCO world Heritage Site Mtskheta.
  • A wildlife adventure in British Columbia complete with a kayaking experience along the Chilko River to witness grizzly bears in their natural habitat, heli-swimming in glacier lakes and sailing alongside majestic orcas, whilst camping in the picturesque wilderness. 

To ensure adventures go as smoothly as possible, EnVogue Travel provides a 24/7 concierge service and private hosting is also available, so clients can relax in the knowledge a travel expert is always on hand.

The team also have a background in luxury branding, resulting in an extensive list of premium brand partnerships within the hotel, automotive, fashion, jewellery, and watchmaking sectors. Utilising this hand-picked network, EnVogue Travel crafts a marriage between travel and brand experiences, shaping a number of exclusive brand concepts clients can cherish. For example, the EnVogue team facilitated a safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana alongside Alexandra Llewellyn the Queen of backgammon, culminating in the design of clients’ own world-class Backgammon Boards crafted with precious stones and rare woods, a legacy gift to treasure for the next generation.

About the Founder: 

Founded by Emma Higgins, an expert in UHNW and HNW luxury travel experiences, EnVogue Travel was born from a passion to discover new areas and fresh experiences, no matter how unchartered or beloved a destination. Created between London and Switzerland, the team’s expertise combines British craftsmanship with Swiss precision and finesse. 

Providing a fresh, female perspective in a heavily male dominated industry, along with a wealth of experience in UHNW and HNW travel, Emma and her team ensure each client’s experience is not only graceful, refined, and sophisticated but guarantees access to undiscovered destinations that truly push the boundaries, allowing clients to explore more deeply than ever before.

“I’m so happy to be launching EnVogue Travel – Travel has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and myself and the team take such joy in creating bespoke itineraries for our clients, designed to cater to their greatest desires. From heli-skiing in Greenland to dining in caves in Petra, no request is too great, and I’m really excited for what this next chapter will bring.” Says Emma.

For further information, please visit: 

Published 06th October 2022

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