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Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain Launches NEW Live Jazz Concerts

Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain, the newly opened boutique hotel on Paris’ storied Left Bank, is staying true to its artistic roots by launching a series of live jazz concerts in its stylish James Joyce Bar. The monthly series begins on 20 October, when guests will be able to enjoy the soothing sounds of live instrumentation while sipping on expertly prepared signature cocktails The hotel is situated across three traditional Parisian buildings, each with an artistic history; the vaulted cellar which now houses the tranquil Spa Des Prés was once the setting for a legendary cabaret, and the bar is named after the author James Joyce, who finalised his seminal novel, Ulysses, while on the property over 100 years ago.

Chief Bartender, Clément Lepage, has crafted a new menu of distinctive signature cocktails to see in the changing season, including Douceur D’Automne (Autumn Sweetness), a blend of tonka bean infused rum, pear and salted caramel, designed to provide comfort amidst the colder weather, and Tweed, a combination of Calvados infused with hazelnut and buckwheat, tobacco liquor, coffee and vanilla bitters. Guests can enjoy sophisticated small plates at the bar or head to the adjacent restaurant, Les Parisiens, after the show for classic French bistrot dishes served with a relaxed, contemporary flare.

Jazz Nights at James Joyce Bar are open to non-guests, no reservation required. Concerts take place monthly beginning 20 October at 7pm. For more information, visit

Published 18th October 2022

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