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The Diet of the Most Advanced Detox Retreat – Chenot Palace Weggis

Chenot Palace Weggis is a scientific based wellness retreat majestically positioned at the beautiful Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.  The Chenot spa spans 5000 sq. meters and is a full-service integrated scientific retreat that epitomizes holistic wellness at its pinnacle. The Chenot diet plan is one of the integral components of the Chenot Method® and involves eating 850 calories a day. It is a low-calorie plant-based diet, high in nutrients, with a specific combination of good fats, low glycemic index carbohydrates, fibres and limited plant proteins.

Although low-calorie may not be music to everyones ears, lunch and dinner comprises of three courses each everyday for the week-long retreat and the delicious meals are cooked by a Michelin Star Chef. The diet has been carefully designed to work in synergy with the other medical treatments to support the detoxification, stimulation and reset of the body. The Chenot diet triggers metabolic pathways in the body responsible for cleansing the body, eliminating toxins and damaged cells that accumulate as we age, promoting hormonal sensitivity and cellular repair regeneration as well as overall health.

Eating the 850 calories a day short-term as part of the Chenot diet plan, might not sound very much but has plenty of long-term benefits and the dishes served are nutritional and delicious. By following this diet plan, it allows the body must enter a fasted state that enhances “autophagy” which is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, regenerating newer, healthier cells and promoting rejuvenation. It also helps the body to flip the metabolic switch to burn fat and regulate blood sugar levels. Compared to zero-calorie fasting, the Chenot diet nourishes vital processes and is making dining an experience without compromising the pleasure of taste. Olive and caper stuffed gnocchi with pesto, sweet and sour spiralised vegetable salad and orange and cinnamon poached apple are just some of the delicious, nutritious and aesthetically pleasing dishes served for the duration of the retreat.

By far the most comprehensive offering within the Chenot portfolio, Chenot Palace Weggis includes a world-class metabolic and sports laboratory, a whole-body cryochamber at -110°C, antigravity technologies, an altitude chamber, ultra-modern fitness area, a 21-meter indoor swimming pool and four dedicated Chenot Rooms specially made with technology to create a natural sleeping environment and optimize rest.

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Published 15th August 2022

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