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The Launch of Sonhaus: Fractional Ownership Comes to Luxury Second Homes

London, 6th July 2022 – Today marks the launch of Sonhaus, the largest business of its kind, offering fractional ownership of luxury second homes in some of Europe’s most coveted locations.

Offering the option to share the investment amongst eight owners, the London-based Sonhaus enables buyers to own multi-million-Euro properties for a fraction of their market value. The properties – each luxuriously fitted out, fully maintained and managed – are located in Europe’s most desirable second home markets such as Marbella, Mykonos, Ibiza, the Algarve and Mallorca, and there are plans to expand further still.

Destined to change the face of luxury second home acquisition and ownership, Sonhaus puts an end to the hassle traditionally related to buying property abroad, taking care of the entire process from financing, administration and insurance to local bank accounts and billing. All buyers are heavily vetted to ensure quality ownership is maintained, while the intuitive online platform simplifies the process of buying, selling and renting properties from other Sonhaus homeowners.

Sonhaus’ commitment to keeping management fees low and transparent ensures there are no surprising or hidden costs for owners. In-line with the brand’s ‘turn up and enjoy’ philosophy, owners manage their visits through the Sonhaus Stay App, allowing everything to be prepared ahead of their arrival.

Jacob Lyons, Founder & CEO of Sonhaus, explains: “We worked out that by sizing the investment in a home directly to the use of that home, owners could save money, own a luxurious home for a fraction of the upfront and on-going costs, watch their budgets go a lot further, and enjoy a hassle-free and more sustainable way to live. With the destinations that we are focused on, the Sonhaus way of life proves an incredible option not only for potential second home buyers, but also for luxury travellers seeking to return to their favourite destination time and time again. It is easy to see how a Sonhaus home quickly pays for itself.”

Sonhaus is building a network of like-minded partners who each add to the Sonhaus experience. The homes are all stylishly decorated and furnished with interior design by RH Contract, better-known as US brand Restoration Hardware. Each home comes with a fully equipped home office and a home gym supplied by leading wellness company, Technogym. The stunning chef-ready gourmet kitchens are filled with Gaggenau appliances, making it a joy to cook and entertain. Car hire is arranged through Hertz, with all Sonhaus owners automatically receiving coveted Five Star elite status in the award-winning Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® loyalty program.

Sonhaus currently has approximately 130 standout properties on its books and is looking to acquire many more. The company is working with local agents in key locations across mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, Greece and Portugal and is in active discussions to expand into new territories, including outside of Europe. Sonhaus is also offering a competitive referral commission programme for any agents introducing buyers or sellers to the Sonhaus experience.

For more information on Sonhaus, please visit the newly launched website,email or call the Sonhaus Service team on +44 (0) 20 7459 4205.


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About Sonhaus

Launched in 2022, Sonhaus Homes offer security, privacy, and peace of mind for second homeowners in Europe’s most desirable locations. Properties are fully managed, setting high standards of sustainability by leaving a low carbon footprint and using renewable energy wherever possible. All household management, administration and maintenance are handled by Sonhaus Management, allowing owners to simply turn up and enjoy their home, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology provided by some of the world’s best-known brands.

The Sonhaus Service includes overseeing all financial aspects of ownership, and all financing for the acquisition of the home is sourced or provided by Sonhaus.

Sonhaus Fractional Ownership – How it works

Each Sonhaus home has up to eight co-owners and each owner will have undergone a stringent application process to ensure that high quality ownership is maintained. Ownership is via a limited liability company set up by Sonhaus for each home and completely ring-fenced.

Each Sonhaus Owner is responsible for their pro-rata share of the annual costs of ownership. This includes on-going maintenance and management of the property, insurance, financing where applicable and contingencies. This also includes any taxes, legal or other ownership-related costs. All costs are presented to each Sonhaus Owner on a monthly or quarterly basis, itemised and totally transparent. Detailed forecasting ensures that these costs are also highly predictable – a Sonhaus Owner will always know what they are paying for, how much and why.

The Sonhaus Service provides access to an experienced Sonhaus representative from the point of initial contact to the purchase of a Sonhaus Home, and onwards. Any third-party rentals and sales will also be managed through Sonhaus.

Published 06th July 2022

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