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The Most Advanced Health Assessment in the World Collaborates with Luxury London Hotel

Proactive, predictive and utterly personalised, Echelon Health offers world-leading technology that detects up to 95% of early disease. Home to the most advanced medical imaging equipment and a renowned team of experts led by Dr Paul Jenkins, it delivers a comprehensive health assessment that can detect deadly diseases before they manifest.

The CT & MRI technology at Echelon Health is among the most advanced in the world, and the detailed detection of early signs of cancers and many other diseases can be lifesaving.  New for this summer, a partnership with the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London, which includes the world’s most advanced and comprehensive health assessment, a driver to and from your home, and a two-night, restful stay at one of the city’s most iconic hotels.

Personal health care information is often siloed, but what Echelon Health offers is highly specific, advanced, integrated, and harmonised with curated data.  The best in the world at preventing premature death, Echelon Health medical assessments can detect up to 92% of the causes in men. That number is 95% for women.

The new Echelon Optimum includes the most comprehensive health assessment (Platinum) and a collaboration with the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park to offer a two-night stay in the London hotel (the night before and night of the assessment day.) Clients within a 100-mile radius of London will be collected from their homes and chauffeured to the hotel then the following day to Harley Street for a meticulously designed day of assessments and tests, where they will enjoy lunch and be under the care and supervision of their personal client liaison manager.

When their day at Echelon Health is over, clients will be taken back to the hotel, where they can relax in their luxurious room and have a voucher to spend on pampering themselves, as they wish. Clients might order in-room dining or enjoy a spa treatment from the hotel’s extensive menu of relaxing treatments. In the morning, clients will be chauffeured back to their home and within two weeks, Echelon Health Director Dr Paul Jenkins will follow up personally with a detailed health analysis and healthcare suggestions for the future. If the client requires treatment, Dr Jenkins will refer the client to either his trusted network of specialists, or their own specialist practitioners.

The Echelon Optimum is £24,000 for two people or £14,000 for one

Echelon Optimum Clients will have a £200 voucher to spend as they wish at the Mandarin Oriental

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About Echelon Health

Echelon Health was founded by Dr Paul Jenkins in 2006.  The fundamental difference with Echelon Health and other medical health screening is that all the guess work is removed from the process of their assessments. Using some of the world’s most advanced imaging equipment, including CT, 3T MRI and ultrasound scanners, as well as detailed blood tests, the tests can see incredible systemic detail and to detect the vast majority of diseases which could lead to premature death. The singular focus is making sure that the health assessment selected by the client delivers the answers they are seeking. In delivering those answers, the team ensure the experience is seamless and as relaxing as possible from start to finish.  Dr Paul Jenkins follows up with every client with a 1-2-1 appointment to give a detailed synopsis of their health and should the client require treatment, Dr Jenkins will refer them to either his trusted network of specialists, or their own specialist practitioners.  Practicing to the highest and most thorough clinical standards, all state-of-the-art images from the scans are analysed by up to seven hand-selected radiologists, who are top specialists in their field. 

About Dr Paul Jenkins – Owner & Visionary

After qualifying with a degree in Medical Sciences at Cambridge University, Dr Jenkins undertook his clinical training at The Royal London Hospital. Shortly afterwards he joined the internationally renowned Department of Endocrinology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, where he gained unrivalled experience in clinical endocrinology. He remained at Barts for almost 20 years as well as running the endocrine service at Homerton University Hospital. Within the Medical School, he was Dean for Pre-Registration Doctors and led an active research group into the interactions between hormones and cancer. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific papers in this field as well as writing several books and text-book chapters and was awarded numerous academic grants for his research. During his clinical career, he has been passionate about the benefits of early detection of disease and the role that modern imaging can play in healthcare. Over 15 years ago he established the European Scanning Centre in Harley Street and developed this to be the UK’s leading independent diagnostic imaging company. A few years ago, to complement ESC, he established Echelon Health. This enables him to combine his 30 years of clinical practice with state-of-the-art imaging to provide world-class preventive health assessments. He has enormous experience of treating patients with post-viral fatigue syndrome, having managed several hundreds of patients with this condition, something which shares many features with Long Covid.

Published 10th June 2021

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