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The Power of Personal Connection

As the global pandemic wreaks havoc on interpersonal contact, the importance of bringing people together grows more and more vital. Leading this movement, Adoreum, a member’s club designed to bring like-minded individuals together and facilitate meaningful networking are proud to announce its rebrand and brand new website, along with the introduction of two new members of its growing team.

In a day and age when face-to-face interaction is on the sharp decline, Adoreum – newly defined as the chemistry of connection – is proud to announce an evolution of its brand, specifically tailored towards bringing individuals and businesses together who believe the entrepreneurial spirt can change the world

As a forward-thinking company, Adoreum has developed its members offering and services within its four arms – Club, Capital, Consultancy and Charity to foster innovation through collaboration and compassionate entrepreneurship.

Unveiling a brand-new website this week (LINK), as well as introducing two new members to its growing team – Ex-MD of Hearst Live, Victoria Archbold as Partner and Managing Director of Modern Affluence Summit and prolific internet and media entrepreneur, David Tabizel as Chairman – Adoreum’s brand vision is be the connection facilitator and business development consultancy that sets them apart from the rest.

As an internationally renowned and prolific internet and media entrepreneur, Tabizel brings with him a wealth of experience in the business sphere. Having co-founded and developed a number of successful technology start-ups and been at the helm of a number of billion dollar businesses, Tabizel is a visionary and has been integral to projects such as the forming and founding of Metrodome Film in the UK and in Ginger Media’s purchase of Virgin Radio in the late 1990s. As Chairman of Adoreum, Tabizel is responsible for leading the board and focusing on the company’s direction and strategy.

Ex-Managing Director of Hearst Live, Archbold has over 20 years’ experience working in events, sponsorship, and marketing, executing high-profile events and campaigns on behalf of the prestigious brands under the Hearst portfolio. As partner, Archbold will be working with luxury brands to create enigmatic launch experiences that successfully engage the affluent Adoreum audience of members.

Adoreum is an international members club and one-world network for likeminded individuals, co-founded by Marcus Watson and Rob Hersov. The company has amassed a database of over 35,000 U/HNWIs, business leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and creative visionaries. Based around the inability for technology to replace in-person experience, the founder vision and Adoreum’s raison d’être was to create a personal business network, ensuring members have the right tools, setting and company to ensure partnerships can be established and they can use their collective influence for good.

Adoreum ClubIntroduce to Influence

A high-level business development events platform for like-minded individuals, the Adoreum Club consists of both a member’s club style network and events capabilities. With different club memberships, available, Adoreum offers everything from direct personal introductions to outsourced idea incubation, bringing together the compassionate entrepreneurial spirt of those who believe in the power of a diverse collective to influence for good.

The events platform offers includes both the ability to throw or attend poignant industry events, along with filling them with valuable and relevant members of the Adoreum Club. Providing the opportunity to extend invitations to a targeted list of individuals with an affinity for the theme at hand, Adoreum believes in reclaiming the event space to make it about personal connection and true mutual benefit, rather than just filling a room.   Their success relies on perfect curation that in its essence feels serendipitous. 

Utilising Archbold’s experience, going forward some event executions will take on a more experiential style events with multi brand collaborations to bring out the fun element of Adoreum’s values and how they believe people will prefer to network moving forward.

Adoreum CapitalIncubate and Accelerate

Adoreum Capital is the in-house merchant banking platform, passionate about, and committed to investing in meaningful businesses – particularly those with diverse and inspirational leadership.

Leveraging the extensive network of prospective investors, and experienced and successful business people, including those from a number of sectors including media, financial, technology, sustainability and healthcare, Adoreum can help develop and accelerate businesses – including the multitude of young start-ups being created post-lockdown – or even create them from scratch alongside talented and motivational management.

Adoreum ConsultancyConsumer Knowledge

Offering a premium consultancy service, Adoreum also has on hand a wealth of expertise across its team and members that allow for succinct and beneficial, external and subjective business input. Working as an extension of the business, Adoreum offers services such as event management, research projects, launch expertise, sponsorship services, content creation, to name a few, to connect and integrate members into their desired sector and with their target demographic.

Adoreum Charity –Meaningful Philanthropy

As one of the core values at Adoreum, philanthropy is one of the primary connections offered at Adoreum and shared by its members. With a host of genuine and trusted relationships with UHNW philanthropists, Adoreum’s fundraising introductions and awareness events allow for charity partners to capture the attention of current and future donors.

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Published 24th September 2020

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