The Road to Recovery - Bespoke Communications Plan

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The Road to Recovery

As we navigate out of lockdown, it can be challenging to get the balance right between pre-COVID messaging and adapt to the fast-changing climate. But where there is change, there is opportunity. There’s never been a better time to build trust in your brand, and we want to help you carve out an effective PR strategy to define your purpose, align to emerging trends and adapt to the ‘new normal’.

We’ve teamed up with Mind Environment to create a free Road to Recovery Guide in the hope of helping brands to better understand and define their purpose, and adapt communications strategy to suit new consumer behaviour and expectations.

We understand that every brand is different – and for a more tailored approach, we can work alongside your team on a project basis to help build a bespoke PR and communications strategy, redefining your brand purpose in a post-COVID-19 world to ensure your messaging strikes the right chord.

The Road to Recovery Guide

Adapting Comms Strategy Post-COVID-19

As the world navigates itself out of lockdowns and quarantines, there has never been a better time to offer inspiration and build trust in your brand. Getting the balance right between pre-COVID messaging and adapting to the current climate is a challenge, and we want to help. Fox Communications have created a FREE short PR and Communications guide which covers:

  • Defining purpose
  • Changing communications strategy
  • Adapting to the ‘new normal’
  • Aligning to emerging trends
  • Social media best practice

If you are interested in receiving our guide, please contact

The Road to Recovery Project

Immediate, Personalised, Powerful Solutions

As the post COVID-19 new world landscape unfolds, it is imperative for companies to revisit their brand purpose. This means a reappraisal of what you stand for, how you can more closely align activities with social good, and how to communicate this to the wider market. Working alongside your  team, we will help you better understand and define your purpose, and then execute a communications and PR strategy to ensure that your messaging strikes the right chord for your audience. We will also work to help you rebuild trust, keeping you updated on the evolving industry insights and garnering PR exposure within your target market.

Fox Communications have teamed up with Mind Environment, a consultancy that works in depth with organisations and leaders to help them better understand and define their purpose, to build a ‘Road to Recovery’ project to ensure that you are maximising opportunities during this time.

Every brand is different, so we will tailor a tone of voice and PR approach by redefining your brand purpose in a post COVID-19 world, to suit new consumer behaviours and expectations.

For more information and project investment, please contact

Published 14th July 2020

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