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Landed Your First Job in Luxury Travel PR? Here’s What to Expect

Alycia Bowen unpacks what you can expect when embarking on a career in luxury travel and lifestyle PR

Starting a new job is exciting – but it can also be a little daunting, especially if it’s your first foray into the office environment. There’ll be the usual moments of self-doubt – ‘is this the right role for me?’ and ‘am I experienced enough for this?’ – but we’re here to put your mind at rest! Knowing exactly what to expect from your first job in luxury travel and lifestyle PR should help you on your way to successfully integrating yourself into your new team and prepare you for some of the tasks at hand.

First things first – experience. In any aspect of PR or communications – whether in travel, wellness, food or lifestyle –  before taking your first job on the career ladder, some sort of experience is vital. Internships and graduate positions are a great place to start and provide an invaluable insight into the ever-changing and fast-paced life of a PR agency. By showing determination, a strong work-ethic, creativity and interest in the expertise of the agency you are applying to work with, securing a role as an Intern or Graduate Trainee offers training and mentoring from senior members of the team, and ultimately you can find out if this is the right career for you. Interning often opens new doors and opportunities for those looking to secure their first job role in PR, so it’s a fantastic steppingstone.

Once you’ve secured your dream role, here’s what you can expect from your first job in luxury travel PR:


It may be cliché, but everyday really is different! Be prepared to be adaptable, quick-thinking and willing to give 100%. One day you’ll be writing a press release about a new hotel opening or a media pitch on an emerging wellbeing trend, and the next you’ll be taking part in several client calls and team meetings, helping to organise a press trip to one of your travel clients or event planning. No two days are the same and being versatile with a strong work-ethic really is key in the fast-paced environment of a PR agency


When embarking on your career in luxury travel and lifestyle PR, relationship building is imperative – not only for your own personal growth and understanding of the industry, but also for the reputation of your company. By proactively engaging with press and building amicable relationships, you will begin to develop a good reputation as a trustworthy PR professional that both journalists and clients alike can depend on to deliver high-quality content. Cementing relationships with other junior journalists in particular is a great way to build camaraderie and you’ll find you grow together through your career. Good communication is in the very nature of a great PR, so remember to be human!

Comfort Zone

Because of the versatility of the job, you can definitely expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone. The good news is, being pushed out of your comfort-zone within your new role is a positive thing, as it allows you to recognise your strengths, build on any weaknesses and ultimately gain imperative experience in the all aspects of PR. You will not be alone either; there are colleagues within your team that started in the same role as you, and they’re there to help you to manage your tasks effectively and efficiently. Your team will also be able to analyse whether there are certain areas you need training in to help you maximise your potential; whether that be coaching for public speaking, a writing workshop or a guide to social media.


It can be daunting to speak up in meetings or put your ideas forward at first – but believe in yourself and make yourself heard, fresh ideas and a new perspective are essential for a PR agency to keep their finger on the pulse with trends, so don’t be afraid to speak in meetings, do your research and share your unique perspective. Every member of the team is valuable, and every voice will be heard.


Be prepared to be creative, quick-thinking, adaptable and willing to work hard (and sometimes out of the usual 9-5 bracket) to see results. As consumer trends shift and client’s needs change, it’s important that you have a genuine interest and passion for the industry you choose to work in, otherwise it can be difficult to motivate yourself and push yourself to overcome challenges or leave your comfort zone.

Last but not least, expect to have fun, meet incredibly knowledgeable and talented people from different walks of life and learn new skills every day. The hard work does not come without rewards and there are amazing career perks, such as the opportunities to travel to some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts around the world, receive regular training to improve your skillset, attend industry events and ultimately be part of an innovative and close-knit team who will help you reach your career goals and personal potential.

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Published 23rd June 2020

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