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Velaa Private Island Welcomes One of the Fastest Yachts in the Maldives

One of the finest resort islands in the world, Velaa Private Island has launched one of the fastest yachts of its kind in the Maldives; Yacht Rania. Unquestionably the most exhilarating way to explore the waters of the Indian Ocean, the new yacht further affirms the island’s dedication to fulfilling every guest’s desire for a holiday of a lifetime. 
Designed with speed, space and style in mind, the 60-foot yacht Rania is complete with two engines and boasts travel speeds of up to 34 knots; rivalling the energy and power of a speedboat. Setting Rania apart from others, it can comfortably host up to 10 guests for a day trip on its front and back sun deck  – and with guests’ comfort always a priority, it comes complete with a state-of-the-art front retractable roof. 
For adrenaline junkies, the yacht’s moving platform at the back, the Hydraulic Platform, allows space for a Jet Ski, enabling guests to be left to their own devices whilst they explore the waters, or for divers to be pulled up with ease.  Ensuring anything is possible whilst out on the water is the yacht’s separate tender; The Williams Jet Tender 325, capable of pulling guests along the water in an inflatable funtube, can take divers out to a reef or allow guests to step straight onto a deserted island. And for big game fishing, the Rania boasts equipment such as the only fighting chair and outrigger lines on a yacht in the Maldives. 
Travelling in pure style, those looking for the ultimate ocean escape will find it here – whether it be an overnight stay on the water as a family, a special celebration with a small group or a romantic night – the sleek yacht features one stylish master cabin, state room and convertible twin room.
A destination designed to encourage the most opulent of private escapes, yacht Rania adds to Velaa Private Island’s remarkable list of exclusives which includes the only Maldives snow room, a nine-hole golf course and academy, a private semi-submarine and a selection of some of the most high-tech water gadgets. And with a 1:8 villa to staff ratio, even the smallest of touches are carefully considered.
Already home to the tallest restaurant and wine cellar in the Maldives as well as hosting the country’s finest wine and champagne collection, Velaa Private Island is tucked away within the collection of islands that form the Noonu Atoll. The new Yacht Rania, meaning “Princess” in local Divehi language, is the newest sports series yacht from leading British luxury yacht makers Princess and is a welcome addition to Velaa Private Island’s already impressive collection of yachts, boats and speedboats.
Rates at Velaa Private Island for the Beach Pool Villa start at $4,700 (approx. £3,590) per night. For more information and/or to book please contact:
Published 20th December 2019

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