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Account Executive


We are recruiting for an Account Executive for our division.


  • Bachelors degree or equivalent
  • 1+ years experience

If you’re an Account Executive with a passion for travel and an eye for luxury, we’d love to meet you.

As an Account Executive at Fox Communications:

You’ll be riven to develop your ability to craft captivating stories you will create convincing press releases from brainstorming sessions with your team and core client material.

At ease speaking and emailing journalists you will pitch your releases, as well as those of other team members, to the most suitable publications both online and print.

You’ll be an enthusiastic ambassador for your clients when responding to enquiries from members of the press. Your diligence and attentiveness ensures that you establish and build a valuable reputation within the journalist community.

When clients and journalists need to meet with the team you are the cornerstone for arranging the details of any meetings and interviews. You cover off all eventualities ensuring venues, facilities and attendees are confirmed in good time.

You are enthusiastic about collecting coverage for your clients and excited about sharing coverage, building attractive reports to demonstrate how campaigns are adding value and meeting client KPIs.

Whenever needed you are willing to assist Account Managers and Account Directors to ensure client accounts receive the best possible administrative support. You demonstrate a consistent approach to all clients and share best practices as they emerge.

As you grow into your role you attend and assist in facilitating press visits and client events further cementing your relationships and reputation.

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